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ALCS – An Award-Winning Albuquerque Private School Is Now Enrolling Pre-K 4 and Up

Private Christian education is highly preferred to its public counterpart for many reasons. Apart from academic growth, students receive individual attention and have abundant options upon completing graduation. Award-Winning Albuquerque private school - Abundant Life Christian School promotes an all-round development of its students – Intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social and practical.


Albuquerque, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2015 -- An Award-Winning Albuquerque Private School That Develops Every Aspect Of The Child's Personality

Abundant Life Christian School prepares every child not only for college but for life. This award-winning Albuquerque private school provides high-quality education in a balanced environment. A curriculum that incorporates the Christian faith into the scholastic realm is sure to impart desirable values in a child. ALCS provides a safe and conducive environment that protects the student's mind from worldly attitudes.

Going beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic, Abundant Life Christian School ensures that every student gains a valuable experience in life. ALCS students are better equipped to handle the pressures of life while providing supportive relationships with other students. They remain unaffected by destructive ideas and are far more likely to perform better than their counterparts in every phase of life. Students of every race and ethnicity are accepted for admission at this award-winning Albuquerque private school.

Following are the entrance requirements of Abundant Life Christian School:

- Parents and students need to attend a complete Bible study course that spans over six-weeks.
- Students who are dependent on drugs, alcohol, or tobacco are not eligible to apply.
- Only those students who wish to actively participate in the school's daily training program are accepted for admission.
- Prospective students and parents need to read the student handbook and only if they agree to abide by the school's ideology and rules, are they accepted for admission.
- A good academic record and a decent behavior are obligatory for admission.
- Scholastic requirements include the passing of a reading readiness test.
- Pre-K students need to be at least 4 years of age as on September 1.
- Transferred students are tested to determine their competency levels prior to the admission.

A student is not considered to be admitted until all the immunity records have been submitted along with the requested forms. The school board shall also interview the family members of new students and reserves the right to dismiss any student. Abundant Life Christian School is rated among the top Albuquerque private schools and provides highly individualized academic programs that help increase students' knowledge and understanding. Award-winning Albuquerque private school - Abundant Life Christian School is a good choice for every child.

About Abundant Life Christian School
Established since 1989, Abundant Life Christian School is an award-winning Albuquerque private school with a holistic curriculum and an affordable fee structure. To learn more about the admission criteria at ALCS, please visit alcsaguilas.com.