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Alderfer Glass Highlights the Benefits of ADAS Sensors


Quakertown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2022 -- Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are being installed in more and more vehicles and could even lead to the future of automobile automation. Alderfer Glass, an auto glass company working in and around Southeastern PA, explains some of the benefits of ADAS sensors and why modern vehicles are equipped with them and how they impact glass.

ADAS sensors are designed to promote safety. From backup cameras to blind spot detection, ADAS sensors help cars from colliding with each other, roadside obstacles, and pedestrians. In fact, backup cameras (one type of ADAS sensor) are now legally required in every automobile built after 2018. New drivers can be more confident earlier on in the learning process with ADAS sensors. Sensors that detect blind spots help make merging onto highways easier and nerve-wracking driving tasks much simpler.

Another benefit of ADAS sensors can be savings on car repair. Because driving is safer, accidents may be less likely — meaning cars can go longer without needing dent repair or part replacement due to collisions. ADAS sensors are also enabling better navigation and helping reduce carbon emissions while doing so. With built-in GPS technology, some ADAS sensors integrate with mobile phones or in-car HUDs to help drivers reach destinations faster while using less fuel. ADAS sensors mounted on the vehicle windshield primarily assist with lane detection and forward collision avoidance.

People wondering what kind of car technology will pave the way to the future should look to the addition and implementation of ADAS sensors. The technology used in ADAS sensors is what car companies are using to pioneer self-driving, self-parking, traffic sign recognition, and other futuristic vehicle abilities — even possibly leading up to fully autonomous automobiles.

Alderfer Glass reminds drivers that if a car is involved in any collision, ADAS sensor recalibration is crucial in order to ensure that the sensors can continue to work properly. This is particularly true for forward looking ADAS sensors when you have your windshield replaced. Customers who are in need of glass-0related ADAS sensor repair or recalibration — or any kind of auto glass repair — can visit any Alderfer Glass location, from Telford, PA, all the way to Quakertown. Visit to learn more about their services.

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