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Alecan Marketing Solutions Defines Importance of Online Press Releases

Marketing Company catalogs benefits of using press releases


Glendale, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Thanks to recent search engine algorithm changes, numerous companies found their site dropped significantly in the search engines, if they weren't dropped completely. Companies in this situation often turned their focus to search engine optimization services and professional website design, believing this would be of help. For many, however, the problem arose as a result of the links they were displaying on their site. "Any company needing assistance to improve their search engine ranking or return to the search engine needs to turn to Alecan Marketing Solutions for this help," Armen Akopyan, spokesperson for Alecan Marketing Solutions, announces.

Alecan Marketing Solutions makes use of techniques often overlooked by other website design firms. One preferred technique involves the use of online press releases. Companies find press releases offer a way to gain visibility, yet they don't cost a fortune. Press releases ensure customers remain informed as to what the company has to offer in terms of products and services, and the release often attracts new customers. Millions now receive their news online, allowing the press release to reach the desired audience quickly.

"When one makes use of a press release, they find their brand image improves. At the same time, images on press releases drive interest, allowing businesses to better convey the desired message. Companies quickly see these benefits when they make use of online press releases, and the release provides the company with the opportunity to direct consumers to their site, through the use of links to site pages," Akopyan explains.

Search Engine Optimization services remain of importance when utilizing online press releases, and the same is true of professional website design. When one optimizes the press release, benefits are seen in search engine rankings, and the site needs professional design services to ensure the site projects the correct image when a press release reader makes a visit. Alecan Marketing Solutions offers these services and many more.

"One major benefit of using online press releases involves search engine rankings. Each release distributed creates a link to the client's site, one which is both credible and relevant. The release draws attention to the business also, and it offers a company the opportunity to reach the targeted audience. One sees an immediate impact when this tool is used which is why every company should consider utilizing online press releases regularly," Akopyan declares.

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Alecan Marketing Solutions, with the help of a dynamic team of professionals, creates striking, current, engaging campaigns and then helps clients manage these campaigns. The company requires staff members be creative, thinking outside of the box, and willing to collaborate to generate new innovations for clients. Alecan Marketing Solutions strives to make each client's brand special in the eyes of consumers by delivering targeted messaging based on the products or serviced offered. Focusing on differences guarantees a client's company distinguishes itself from others in the industry.