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Alfa Tile & Stone Ltd. Now Offering PARIS Tile To

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Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2012 -- Alfa Tile & Stone Ltd., the industry-leading supplier of tile and other flooring solutions, is now offering PARIS tile, an innovative advancement in tiling materials, to its consumers.

Alfa Tile & Stone Ltd. has become a pioneer in the stone and high quality porcelain tile industry, offering an exceptional selection of products to consumers looking for flooring solutions. Among its extensive line of products, the company enjoys the availability of PARIS tile, a revolutionary new material that’s becoming a highly sought after demand.

PARIS tile is much thinner and far lighter than traditional porcelain tile, twice as strong and enjoys an extremely low water and dirt absorption rate. All of these features make PARIS tile a superior complement to any home application where traditional tile would be put to use. And, because of its extreme versatility, this material can be applied to just about any surface, vertical or horizontal.

“These days, we’re seeing people use PARIS tile for just about anything regarding their home’s décor,” says Rodica Vasinc, President of Alfa Tile & Stone Ltd. “PARIS tile is being applied to walls and ceilings where traditional tile could not be used to create decorative effects that stand out beautifully.”

PARIS tile also acts as an economically efficient alternative to porcelain tile through its installation and care capabilities. This groundbreaking new material can be directly overlaid on top of existing tile areas to alleviate the cost and labor of removing the old tile. By simply overlaying the PARIS tile solution, homeowners can enjoy the look and feel of a new aesthetic without sacrificing precious time and money.

The tile comes in a variety of colors, patters and designs, allowing homeowners to pick the look and feel that best suits them. Alfa Tile & Stone Ltd. offers an extensive selection of styles, giving consumers the best array of choices to choose from.

“We understand that the look and feel of your home is entirely dependent upon your style,” says Vasinc. “We aim to offer the best selection of PARIS tile, as well as a vast gallery of our other products, so that consumers always get what they’re looking for.”

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