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Alicia's Online Launch Provides Pet Owners with Topical Information


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2016 -- The website provides pet lovers with information on a wide variety of relevant topics about their pet's dietary needs, comfort and happiness. Individuals will learn how to deter destructive behaviors and techniques for attaining cohabitation between pets for a peaceful household. One of the most common questions from canine owners is 'what can dogs eat' and the answer is available on the website.

Pet industry specialist, David Vannucci, is excited about the information he found on the site. "Reading just a few articles from Alicia's Online and my job has become a lot easier," said Vannucci. "I know how to work with pets a lot better. Animals love me more and are happy to see me when I walk in."

Alicia's Online addresses pet topics pertinent to multiple species ranging from canines to reptiles. The website is a free resource and links are provided to reputable merchants for a select array of products that includes toys, food and other necessities. Individuals will learn about topics ranging from toys for blind dogs and pet friendly flooring to dietary preferences of reptiles and what can cats eat.

The new website contains articles with essential information on dog training, safety precautions for homes with swimming pools, and the importance of spaying for dogs and cats. Even small disturbances in household routine can disrupt the digestive system, sleep cycle or behavior of a pet and Alicia's Online provides information for novice and experienced pet owners.

Canines and felines as pets outnumber all other choices as animal companions. Pet ownership is a lifelong commitment and one that should never be taken lightly. Animals rely on their human companions for food, shelter and affection, along with medical attention when they're ill. The informational articles available at Alicia's Online are designed to help readers care for their animal companions in the best way possible.

The launch of Alicia's Online provides information, tips, suggestions and recommendations about a comprehensive array of pet-related topics. The website is also expanding to encompass more subjects of interest. A finance and business category will be added in June 2016. Other articles are currently available for those interested in the online work world that includes drop shipping and launching a 411 website for profit.

About Alicia's Online
Alicia's Online is available for the benefit of pets themselves. Pet owners, if they take the advice and recommendations given, will begin to see the difference in the happiness, energy, social skills and more of their pets. Alicia's Online continues to build and expand into more and more categories to inform readers on everything else.

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