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Alien Religion: Best-Selling Author, Carl Opel, Fuses Historical Fact with Myth in Compelling New Novel

Melding gripping fiction with heaps of historical fact on alien contact, readers will gain a unique and fresh insight into religion, Government intervention and human destiny. Left with the idea that the upcoming book’s narrative could in fact be true, Opel’s latest release will resonate with readers around the world.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- When it comes to alien contact, there are two bold schools of thought; it has happened or it’s simply just a myth. Carl Opel’s latest novel brings both beliefs together while inviting readers to dive deep into a story that will question their most steadfast beliefs.

‘Alien Religion’ stands to become yet another best-seller for Opel; an author who has garnered a fierce reputation for his bold and thought-provoking fiction.


By now, world governments have surpassed public deception using false economic crises to seek control over the private sphere. Drey Cross works for the Universal Intelligence Agency, an organization funded by illegal money, specializing in research and investigation of unusual events. Strikingly attractive, troubled, and misjudged, Drey portrays a wealthy philanderer. However, exceptional talents give him an advantage. Time travel, ESP, and his power of persuasion change the most stubborn minds into yielding allies. Torn by the government's plot to control people through a drug called DU37, Drey seeks solace.

His investigation begins with the unusual death of a family, ushering him through a barrage of visions, revelations, and discoveries. He finds work secondary to revealing the conspiracy and his lifelong pursuit to identify the supreme deity, God. The estranging answers are only the beginning when he realizes, human religion is no match for ALIEN RELIGION.

As the author explains, his novel invites readers to examine their own doubts about alien contact, while helping them realize the truth could be lying directly in front of them.

“By entwining popular beliefs about alien contact throughout our evolution and relying on common social opinion, we connect our elusive doubts to form the resolution we seek. The answer has always been in front of us, buried in the twisted media, political, and religious facades,” says Opel, who has frequently reached Amazon’s ‘Top Ten’ list with his previous novels.

He continues, “Using references to present trends in paranormal, spiritual, and world events leads the reader to self-discovery and the wish to explore these constantly intriguing ideas. The story line creates undeniable acceptance in the mind of the reader that everything they are reading could in fact be true.”

Much of Opel’s ability to captivate an audience originates from his jargon-free writing style and lack of adult content. His latest alien novel is no different. In fact, ‘Alien Religion’ offers enjoyment to readers of all ages.

“As well as being thought-provoking, I have worked diligently to keep the novel entertaining. I want to inspire the vivid imagery and immersion that readers have come to associate with their favorite books across a myriad of genres. It’s quite a battle to take such a heavy subject and make it highly-accessible, but I’m confident my middle ground will allow an eclectic group of readers to enjoy a powerful read,” he adds.

Many of Opel’s fans are eagerly awaiting the novel’s launch, as well as news of the author’s next literary project.

Until then, ‘Alien Religion’ is scheduled for release in early June.

For more information, as well as insight into the author’s previous works, visit: http://www.carlopel.com/

About the Author: Carl Opel
Born in Pennsylvania in 1955, Carl attended the Music Institute in Los Angeles, California after his high school days in Willoughby, Ohio. Currently, he lives near the beautiful beaches in the Philippines.

His many accomplishments include business-process reengineering consultant, computer science professor, designing financial forecasting systems using neural net technology, musician, commercial pilot, business owner, and writer.

His interests include hiking, the beach, cookouts, traveling, movies, music, and just plain learning.