Align Actions with Business Goals with the BSC Designer Pro New Updates


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- All good managers know that business performance framework such as the Balance Scorecard is an effective way of not only assessing the current performance of the employees and the business but also aligning the present to the future goals and objectives. AKS-Labs, the creators of one of the most popular strategic planning and execution business tool, the BSC Designer, have recently  added a new update to their BSC Designer PRO software.

The major new feature is the strategy maps that software can build. A strategy map is one of the most important parts of any Balanced Scorecard, as the name suggests it essentially servers as a road map that plays the role of a performance management and monitoring dashboard for a top manager and by using a strategy map of the  BSC Designer PRO software effectively, managers can cause a cultural shift from “I’m doing my job” to “I do understand strategy”. The new BSC Designer PRO strategy maps feature 4 different perspectives that have been suggested by the Balanced Scorecard approach, the perspectives contain an objective according to a perspective, and the objective are connected via a cause and effect connection with other objectives. To align KPIs with an objective, KPIs are attached to business goals to measure their performance and the progress towards expected results in the strategy map. A stop-light of the KPI indicates the current performance and progress levels. Lastly, an action plan is linked to each objective and goal.

The greatest quality of the new BSC Designer PRO strategy maps is that they are comprehensive and give the managers a clear picture of what is to be done and when it should be done. The easy to understand and easy to follow layout allows both employees and managers to engage and execute each objective in a more cohesive manner.  A strategy map in BSC Designer is not just a drawing tool, what you see on the strategy map is a representation of the data that you can access at any time. Business goals are now multi-level, whereas in older versions only KPIs could be attached, but now an initiative document can be attached to a business goal as well. Alerts can be sent out to notify about important changes of KPIs. Among many other minor changes the Placement wizard has also been updated for better performance.

The new updates make implementation of Balance Scorecard simpler and more effective. To learn more about the updates please visit: and

Media contact:
Bob Elliott / AKS-Labs
Raleigh, NC, USA.