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Aligned Signs Launches Gift Certificate for One on One Myers Briggs Assessment with Expert Jaynie Baker

Aligned Signs has created a gift certificate that will enable individuals to receive a one to one consultation on their Myers Briggs Type Indicators with expert analyst Jaynie Mae Baker.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2015 -- The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is one of the most influential personality tests in the world, and is one of the few psychological examinations to become a household name. The test can be used for a huge range of applications, and is an important matchmaking tool for Aligned Signs, a company that combines astrology with MBTI to provide a unique matchmaking service. The company has recently released a gift certificate in their online store for a personal, in depth consultation with senior writer and MBTI expert Jaynie Baker.

The gift certificate entitles individuals to a full MBTI consultation, allowing individuals to be rigorously tested on each of the four factors that make up the Myers Briggs format, followed by expert guidance from Jaynie Baker on how to action the knowledge they gain from the assessment. This includes what kind of careers would be most suitable for them, and what will bring them greatest happiness in their lives.

The assessment can also be used to discuss the ideal partnerships, both professional and personal, that will best enrich an individual's life, based on the factors understood from the assessment. The assessment is completed remotely, so the gift certificate can be redeemed by people throughout the world.

A spokesperson for Jaynie Mae Baker explained, "Jaynie first trained in MBTI when she was a matchmaking consultant for a senior agency, and has continued to develop her expertise and insight in the years since, working as a senior writer for Aligned Signs. Aligned Signs has an amazing resource in Jaynie, and we wanted to make her expertise more available to a greater number of our users, which gave us the idea for one on one, in-depth assessments that deliver unparalleled insight into how this tool can be used to enrich one's life."

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Aligned Signs provide a professional and personal matchmaking service for people looking to improve their careers or romantic relationships, offering a three-dimensional approach to personality analysis and match making. The website allows people to undergo Myers Briggs analysis combined with Western and Chinese astrology to see where they're at, and what the future holds.

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