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Aligned Signs Resident Matchmaker Jaynie Mae Baker Launches New Gift Book for Site Users

Aligned Signs specializes in helping people see their futures together, and senior writer Jaynie Mae Baker has published an e-book from the website on how to jump start a person’s love life.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2015 -- Relationships have never been easy, but are they relatively simple. At their core, a relationship is something that allows two individuals to cover each other's weaknesses, support one another, and enables them to get better together. Unfortunately, relationships have been politicized, and cynically manipulated to create what may be the loneliest generation. Jaynie Mae Baker, writer at Aligned Signs, has recognized the growing disconnect between people, and has led the staff to write a book designed to enable people to find the keys to creating meaningful romantic relationships. The book has just been published, and is now available in the Aligned Signs store.

Entitled Jump Start Your Love Life: Tips, Tricks and Wisdom, the book is a collection of advice, anecdotes and fascinating discoveries from Jaynie Baker's career as a professional matchmaker, together with advice and insight from her team. She has edited and collated some of the most important keys to success in building and maintaining a romantic relationship.

The book cuts through a lot of preconceptions about the obstacles to intimacy in the modern world, from social media to hook up culture, and gets right into how people can look at building qualitative relationships with people without 'friend zoning' themselves, setting themselves up for a relationship instead of a one night stand.

A spokesperson for Aligned Signs explained, "So much advice out there is written by pick up artists designed to manipulate other people to achieve instant gratification. That is a terrible way to go through life, and Jaynie Baker has learned from her many years as a matchmaker that those who establish a deep connection with others are the happiest and most fulfilled in their relationships. She helps people who may have never experienced an alternative to drunk sex and Tinder turn it around, and relate to others in a meaningful way."

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Aligned Signs brings together principles of western and Chinese astrology to create a unified picture of astrological indicators, which they then combine with Myers Briggs Type Indicators, to create a comprehensive accounting of who their users are, where they are going, and who will make a perfect partner for the journey ahead, whether romantic or professional.

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