Aligning Company Strategy with Departmental KPIs for Real Results


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- A company is made up of various different departments, each having their own significance in the development of the overall progress of the company. It would be fair to say that even if one department is unable to do its bidding then the company’s progress will greatly suffer as a result, no department of a company is a separate entity thus it is necessary for them to not only perform better within the department but also align their performance with the strategies of the company to reach their ultimate goals and objectives.

The role of an Human Resource Department is as important in a company as any other if not more because after all the human resources, the workers, mangers and all other employees are the most valuable assets of a company thus it is necessary that their performance is focused and in keeping with the strategies of the company.’s writer and business performance expert Aleksey Savkin shares the importance of aligning HR KPIs with the company strategy to not only take the department forward but also the company and its goals along.

In his article he argues that the generic “50+ KPIs for HR” lists are not as effective for the company nor the HR department, thus it is necessary for the HR managers to understand how tailor made KPIs will have a better and more desirable effect. In his informative article Savkin educates the readers about the different types of KPIs and how their difference, correlation and usage can be effectively used to tell different stories about where the department stands and what needs to be done for improvement. The writer shares that the best KPIs practice consists of 3 different steps:

To Define Cause and Effect Links which means that the HR department should be aware of how their performance affects the company’s overall objectives.

Align KPIs with a Specific Objective; it is necessary to ensure that each and every KPI is connected to a company objective.

Add an Action Plan because nothing will happen unless something is done to better the performance and achieve goals.

In the end of the article the writer shares the fundamental reason why 50+ HR KPIs don’t work in his point of view and recommends his list of HR KPIs but maintains the view that:

“Your choice of the specific KPI and the specific way to use it depends on your current business objectives.”

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