Alina Ene Launches Indiegogo Fundraiser for Solo Cycling Through Europe and Asia, an Untamed Female's Journey

Artsy perks in exchange for a journey of a lifetime. By supporting this campaign backers will receive pieces of an artist's soul. This project looks to revive the art of storytelling.


Focsani, Romania -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- Not knowing is, for Alina, overwhelmingly exciting. How can life surprise people if they know what they are you looking for? This is a manifesto for life as a journey: not knowing, expecting the unexpected, failure, making mistake, but also the light is so much brighter.

Alina has applied for the Darmasiswa Indonesian Scholarship. If she gets accepted, it starts in September 2014.

The scholarship doesn’t cover the trip from the applicant’s home country to the place of study. So she has started thinking: “Wouldn’t it be great to cycle all the distance to Indonesia and capture the entire journey through drawings?”

Alina is really confident in her chances so she has begun planning her trip anyway. She plans to leave in April and has only 4 months to reach Indonesia. Clearly, this 14,158 kilometer journey wouldn't be doable only by bike... just in four months and not without funding help. She would be the first female traveler from her home country, Romania, to cycle solo such a distance, 7263 km.

€10,000 is quite a large amount. However, every beginning requires an investment. Almost 50 % will be spent on cyclotouring gear: for camping, bike equipment like panniers and racks, electronic equipment like GPS bike computer and satellite communication device. To be able to reach Indonesia by September, Alina needs to apply for visas before leaving. In order to smoothen the process she will use the services of local travel agencies.

It smoothes the process, but also increases the expenses. Even if she doesn’t get fully funded, Alina is determined to start her journey once she reaches the minimum amount of € 6000.

This campaign will receive all funds raised even if the funding goal is not achieved. Being a flexible campaign, most of the perks are deliverable before Alina leaves for her journey and even before the campaign ends, depending on when the perks are claimed.

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