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Keighley, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- Among the many issues, the number one question lingering in the minds of phone customers across UK is “Which mobile phone should I buy?” Considering how much time people spend using their phone and considering the kind of investment they are willing to make, buying a phone is a big decision not to mention a scary one which can result in a huge risk. Those on a budget cannot afford to make a mistake and that is exactly why Alive and Kicking Entertainments has been set up.

This is an exclusive review website featuring every phone that is there in the market. It is the start and the end point for potential phone owners who would like to invest in a good phone. Buying the phone is not even part of the problem, it is getting to this point which is the most challenging. Given the kind of choice that exists in the market today, making a decision is very difficult. Alive and Kicking Entertainments with its latest updates and advice can help ease the tension and direct an individual towards the best choice.

The website has reviews from experts who are well versed with the different kinds of phones available in the market today. The reviews tap into the potential of a phone but, more importantly they give the reader a black and white view on what is in store. It is not just a guide to buying the best phone in the market but, a learning platform that can help buyers educate themselves about the latest happenings in mobile phone technology.

About Alive and Kicking Entertainments
This is the go to destination for information on phones and the brands available in the market. The website has invested a great deal of time, work and other resources in the pursuit of composing the expert list of do’s and don’ts while buying a phone.

Every big brand that offers mobile phones is listed on the website. From Samsung, to Google, to Blackberry, to Apple, every big player and its offerings are discussed in detail on the website. To know more and read well composed reviews, log onto

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