All About Kittens Educates Future Kitten Owners About Having Feline Pets


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- All About Kittens prepares future kitten owners by releasing information about owning feline pets. The organization, which is composed of experts and long-time cat owners, understands how having a pet cat relieves stress and thus, resulting to the increasing number of buyers throughout the years. Through this guide, the group aims to set future owners’ expectations about cats and how to take care of a kitten upon taking it home.

The organization aims to address the matter of disillusionment in owning a cat. A future pet owner can choose to adopt or buy a kitten and nurture them as family members. In the long run, however, pet owners get to experience living with their cats daily and notice that owning felines seem to be problematic for them. By knowing more about kittens and cats, individuals will have an idea about what their daily lives, with cats, would look like.

One of the primary points discussed in the guide is the development process occurring in kittens. Experts from the site pointed out that kittens grow fast. Many people buy a kitten because of their cuddly and cute features. They forget that kittens grow and in a matter of months, they will have an adult cat. Similarly with children, a grown up kitten acquires different habits with increased size. Future pet owners must be prepared welcoming a full-grown cat and continue to love it just like before.

The guide also corrects several misconceptions about pet cats like milk drinking. Various media from printed materials, television, movies, animations and others highlighted that kittens and cats rely on milk as their primary nutrition source. Nevertheless, the organization emphasizes that a kitten doesn't drink milk. Cats have different preferences and many feline pets may not like drinking milk. Kittens will only wean for the first month and owners must not feed them milk. Protein, the important nutrient for pets’ developmental process, can be obtained from cat food. Furthermore, giving cow’s milk to kittens’ diet is detrimental for its health. Processed cow’s milk has high amounts of calories, which can cause obesity among cats. Clarifying misconceptions gives pet owners a clearer idea about how to take care of a kitten properly.

Aside from diet and nutritional details, All About Kittens also put this guide together to discuss how to train a kitten. Training a kitten is possible in contrast to what majority of individuals believe. The process of housetraining a cat takes a lot of social interaction with the pet to teach it necessary practices inside the house. Whether training is for using scratch post or sandbox training, future pet owners can feel confident about teaching their pets as they will show results in the long run.

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All About Kittens educates pet owners about kittens and cats, training and nurturing them in the house. It updates the website with topics mentioned above and others like parasite control, choosing the best cat items, and other simple procedures like choosing a pet’s name.

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