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All Eye Care Doctors Offers Insight Into Contact Lens Fitting Process


Cambridge, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2019 -- When individuals from Cambridge, MA, Medford, and the surrounding areas need contact lens fittings, they can rely on the experts at All Eye Care Doctors for quality care and medical advice. More than 40 million Americans wear contact lenses every day, but perhaps millions more would do so if they knew exactly what they had to do to get a prescription. In their latest blog post, All Eye Care Doctors outlined the steps that are required of patients and doctors before, during, and after a contact lens fitting.

Before a patient can be fitted for contact lenses, they must first go through a comprehensive examination to ensure that their eyes are compatible with the corrective lenses they are seeking. Unfortunately, some people struggle with eye health issues that could potentially be worsened by the use of contact lenses. For instance, someone who has chronically dry eyes would have trouble wearing contact lenses. Additionally, it's possible to be allergic to the solutions used to disinfect contact lenses.

During a contact lens fitting appointment, patients consult with their eye doctor about their needs, preferences, and expectations before having their eyes measured for various qualities using several harmless tools. The patient's tear film, corneal curvature, and the size of their pupils and irises must be evaluated before trying out diagnostic lenses. If the doctor and patient find a good fit, a prescription is written and the patient is offered instructions and advice for taking care of their contacts.

After a patient has successfully been fitted with contact lenses, they should return for an eye examination at least once annually to ensure that no issues occur. As Medford and Cambridge, MA's top spot for prescription eyewear, All Eye Care Doctors can provide help to both new and existing contact lens patients — visit to learn more!

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