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All Good Things: Real-Life Paramedic's Thrilling Novel Proves a Gripping Summer Read

Fusing the fast-paced life of a paramedic with the cold-blooded realities of murder, author Perry Prete uses his EMS knowledge to grip readers to every page. With his first novel garnering critical acclaim and rave reviews, ‘All Good Things’ has positioned itself as one of this summer’s most engrossing reads.


Brockville, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2013 -- With millions of sun-seekers jetting off to exotic global destinations or booking time off to enjoy the good weather at home, book sales are booming as people kick back and dive into the world that only literature can create.

Canada’s Perry Prete, a working Paramedic, is giving readers a bold insight into his line of work through a compelling debut novel. ‘All Good Things’ is creating quite the buzz this summer and proving to be one of the hottest reads of the season.


One man kills people. Another man tries to save them.

Ethan, a City of Ottawa paramedic, accidentally becomes embroiled in a series of brutal, seemingly unrelated killings. However, Ethan finds a strange connection between them, which he passes on to his buddy the detective. Sometimes it takes an outsider to piece together a puzzle.

Ethan comes face to face with the killer. And this is just the beginning.

Readers’ reviews confirm that the book will keep anyone in suspense from cover to cover.

“I finished All Good Things and want the following book right away. It's awesome! I don't know how else to describe it, other than I didn't want to put it down, I was right beside Ethan as he went about his day to day happenings. I cheered him on, felt his pain and wanted to tell him that everything would be okay. Now how's that for becoming involved with a character in a book?" says Doreen.

Nicole gave the book a glowing five-star rating, commenting, “I received a free copy of All Good Things via a Goodreads giveaway. I really liked this book. The story and the characters are excellent. I really liked how there were times when the story shifted to the killers perspective. And what a killer. Only one word can describe the killer...TWISTED! I look forward to reading the next book. Thank-you Goodreads and thank-you Perry Prete.”

Richard was equally as impressed, “I recently completed an early copy of All Good Things and enjoyed it very much It brings to mind the Mickey Spellane - Mike Hammer series of old in terms of cadence, style and format - a good thing. The Nash character is well developed and his motivations, values, and actions are credible and consistent. The technical details re: EMS seem very factual. I learned a lot about the trials and tribulations of the EMS profession without bogging down in too much technical jargon. The geographic and location details re: Ottawa are also very accurate and helpful a la Patricia Cronwell and her Scarpetta series set in Montreal. I would recommend All Good Things to any one looking for a fast paced easy to read and follow thriller. I look forward to the sequel.”

With readers demanding the next book, Prete has recently announced that it will be available soon.

In the meantime, all jet-setters and sun-seekers are urged to purchase their copy of ‘All Good Things’ and see the medical world from a ghoulishly new perspective.

‘All Good Things’ is available now: http://amzn.to/13lDuiQ

About the Author: Perry Prete
After graduating as a paramedic in 1983 from the Ambulance and Emergency Care Program (now Primary Care Paramedic Program) at Fanshawe College, Perry worked part time for various EMS agencies before settling in Brockville, Ontario, in 1984. He continues to work as a full-time paramedic and, with almost thirty years of experience in dealing with the sick and injured, he uses his past experiences to weave together his novels.

When not working as a paramedic, he is also the owner of Sands Canada, a medical equipment company dedicated to the pre-hospital care community. As well as retailing equipment used by paramedics and other medical responders, he and his staff design high-end medical deployment cases based on his decades of field experience.

Perry is a native of Sudbury but grew up in London and now resides in Brockville, Ontario.