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All Natural Dog Beds Gives Pet Owners the Choice to Go Natural This Spring


Lumberton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2017 -- While many generic companies or manufacturers use conventional cotton for their products, All Natural Dog Beds focuses their sights on more of an eco-friendly standpoint.

In this day and age, it is important to keep in mind the types of varying fungicides, insecticides, and potential GMOs that are used when preparing the seeds to grow cotton. These toxins are then carried over into the products that pets sleep on. Pets are even more sensitive to these degrees of chemicals than humans are, making it much easier for conventional cotton to become an irritant.

That is precisely why All Natural Dog Beds has a solution. All Natural Dog Beds provides customers with the option to buy an orthopedic pet bed online that is made from organic materials and free of toxic chemicals.

All Natural Dog Beds' goal is to provide pet owners and their dogs with a comfy and safe lifestyle via their many product options. From sleep in dog beds to latex orthopedic dog beds, there are so many choices to give any dog a good night and day's sleep. Instead of confining them to the floor, having a stylish, durable and comfortable pet mattress will improve any dog's quality of life tenfold. It is also important to consider the option to buy a therapeutic dog bed online for dogs that suffer from arthritis, other joint pain or injuries. Having a comfortable place to rest is a luxury that any furry member of the family should certainly enjoy.

Those interested in All Natural Dog Beds' products should call 609-914-4042 or email for more information. Their products can be found online by visiting their website.

About All Natural Dog Beds
All Natural Dog Beds started with the idea that pets should never be exposed to chemical-laden bedding. They stand for an organic cause, committed to creating organic, natural, and earth-friendly products that are grown and produced without the use of toxic chemicals. By taking an eco-conscious route, All Natural Dog Beds reduces the harm carcinogens cause to pets, farmers, and the planet alike.

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