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All Natural Dog Beds Helps Dogs with Arthritis via Their Latex Orthopedic Dog Beds


Lumberton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2016 -- Owners whose dogs are growing old, getting rickety, or have arthritis must witness their dog's decline in activity. Dogs with arthritis tend to slow down, their movements restricted and often pained. As owners look on with limited options, it is a hard situation to endure for both parties who equally want to play fetch. That is why All Natural Dog Beds recommends their latex orthopedic dog beds to help dogs right away with aching joints to get the rest they need.

Having a supportive mattress can benefit circulation and the alignment of joints, easing the pressure of arthritis, and relaxing an aching dog. Considering the amount that dogs sleep, having the right support can do wonders for him or her. All Natural Dog Beds' latex orthopedic dog beds are uplifting, pressure relieving on joints, and provide dynamic support for the spine. They are created from natural talalay latex, which is made from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis, rubber tree. The material is non-toxic and contains no petroleum or plastics.

All Natural Dog Beds' talalay latex is Oeko-Tex certified as class I, which is the highest rating possible. This certification verifies that the foam is free from harmful substances, including: formaldehyde, heavy-metals, pesticides, Chlorinated phenols, Phthalates, organic tin compounds, Chlorinated benzenes and toluenes, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, colorants, flame retardants, as well as other precautionary measures to safeguard consumer health. There are very few latex or foam producers in the world that meet the standards of this independent, third-party certification.

All Natural Dog Beds works hard to ensure that an owner's dog will get all the help he or she needs to better their quality of life. With restful sleep on one of their latex orthopedic dog beds, surely any dog will feel much relief.

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All Natural Dog Beds started with the idea that pets should never be exposed to chemical-laden bedding. They stand for an organic cause, committed to creating organic, natural, and earth-friendly products that are grown and produced without the use of toxic chemicals. By taking an eco-conscious route, All Natural Dog Beds reduces the harm carcinogens cause to pets, farmers, and the planet alike.

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