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All Natural Dog Beds Uses Organic Cotton to Protect Pets


Lumberton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2016 -- Those who are interested in changing their pet's bedding are encouraged to turn to All Natural Dog Beds and their organic pet beds or organic dog beds as soon as possible. By choosing organic, it is ensured that a pet's exposure to toxic chemicals will decrease. These chemicals are found in conventional cotton products, and can be detrimental to animals, even more so than people.

Conventional cotton crops are routinely doused in 25% of the world's chemical pesticides, and yet they only take up 3% of the world's farmland. Those numbers are what separate conventional from organic. Organic cotton utilizes traditional farming, which eliminates the use of toxic chemicals, protecting the land, water supply, and air.

Carcinogens are carried by the toxic pesticide chemicals that are used on conventional cotton crops, seeping into the environment, and polluting it. When these crops are used to make products, such as dog beds, the chemicals may be transferrable to the skin. To avoid this exposure, it is important to find out what pet bedding is made from, and always look for organic products.

Even though cotton is a natural fiber, that does not mean it's organic. Today, there is very little that is natural about cotton farming when concerning the toxic chemical usage. Therefore, choosing organic will not only avoid exposure for pets, but support an all natural means of sowing cotton.

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About All Natural Dog Beds
All Natural Dog Beds started with the idea that pets should never be exposed to chemical-laden bedding. They stand for an organic cause, committed to creating organic, natural, and earth-friendly products that are grown and produced without the use of toxic chemicals. By taking an eco-conscious route, All Natural Dog Beds reduces the harm carcinogens cause to pets, farmers, and the planet alike.

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