All New Episode Set to Release Their Much Anticipated New Album 'Signature Edition'


West Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- The entertainment industry has reached the sky over the recent years and many talented musicians and bands have been able to get the much needed spotlight, which has not only benefited them but has also given fans new music to listen to. All New Episode is a well-known band which has been around for quite a while now. After achieving both local and international success, the band is now set to release their exclusive new album in January, 2014. In order to attain more information related to their music, individuals are recommended to visit since the website features all the latest news regarding the band. Represented fully by Voice Media Partners, the site has managed to trigger the attention of countless individuals who are die-hard fans of the USA based band. Now is the time for fans to keep a close eye on the release of the much anticipated new album ‘Signature Edition’ in 2014. Streaming the latest songs by All New Episode can be done through Muve Music, Sony’s Music Unlimited and many other platforms such as these.

Platforms such as iHeart Radio, AT&T and Spotify are the ones from where individuals can easily buy the music and the albums of the band at the earliest convenience. has been created in order to help individuals indulge in playing, streaming and buying the songs of the band, without having to struggle too much. The official website can be consulted in order to find out about the latest releases and the songs of the band. The music has been provided for a worldwide audience, which is rather impressive since people from all across the globe are now able to purchase the album of All New Episode. What’s more is that the site is just the right place for fans to visit in order to play and listen to the new songs by the band, which are featured for the utmost convenience of everyone.

All New Episode is basically a New York, USA, based band that has won the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Rapidly expanding from the USA to the UK, Russia, Sweden and even Ireland now, the band is surely on the path towards immense fame and success. For all the music junkies out there, now is the exclusive chance to get to know all there is about ‘Signature Edition’, the new album by All New Episode, which is going to be released in January, 2014.

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