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All Problems Can Be Solved Easily with "Unteaching" Says Founder Marcus Hayden

The Organic Alternative To Problem Solving

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Los Altos, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2013 -- Unteaching Specialist Hayden Marcus/- You can easily get "unstuck", remove false beliefs and overcome other imaginary obstacles with the unteaching method. Perceived problems, generally speaking, are easily solved when you can see the problem and possible solution from a different angle. This is exactly what unteaching was designed to do and will do for anyone that implements it.

Marcus Hayden, developer of the "unteaching" method, has been showing people how to quickly solve problems with this newly created concept for at least the last 2 years. "It might be that you have a bad habit, a behavior and by unlearning that behavior you won't have that problem anymore" says Hayden.

Although unteaching is considered an alternative way to handle any problem, in general, its founder's intent is to address those individuals looking for more spiritual development related assistance. While there are a number of different resources available for those looking for help with spiritual development, like religious institutions, Hayden asserts the advantages of Unteaching over all others is the fact that it is a custom tailored solution, designed to handle the problem at hand, specifically, which doesn't, otheriwse, seem to exist through other factions. The benefit is, of course, that each person gets a custom solution tailored to fit his/her current predicament, whereas with other approaches the problem is placed into an already established category and predetermined way of handling the issue. The problem may or may not be solved when treated as a minor premise that presupposes it fits within the major premise. With unteaching, the solution is guaranteed to work because it is created by design to handle a particular problem, not like the cookie cutter approach other solutions may utilize. Herein lies the reason why those who've gone through one on one sessions with Hayden's approach have had such massive breakthroughs. While a bit unconventional, Hayden's unteaching is a truly philanthropic endeavor and a means for Hayden to enact his mission to help anyone and everyone looking for answers to problems they have yet to find solutions for. Through unteaching one can easily shift a perspective to unlock a solution that was most likely there the whole time, hiding in plain site.

About Unteaching Specialist Hayden Marcus
Unteaching sessions can be had, currently, for $225 per one 90 minute strategy session conducted by phone or in person. To find out more anyone can contact Hayden through his blog or by phone.

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