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All Star Water Systems Offers a Free Water Test


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2013 -- In California, water quality is an increasing problem for homeowners. Because the state has limited water supplies, often low quality water makes into the home and causes problems for the pipes and fixtures that the water is flowing through. Over time bad water damages the water systems and will require costly repairs. All Star Water Systems now offers free water testing in order to determine if reverse osmosis San Diego homeowners will find useful.

All Star Water Systems has been a leader in water technology in the San Diego area for over 30 years. They have an experienced and professional installation team that can help homeowners address major issues that are causing inconvenience or damage to the home. Whether it is a drinking water solution or a water softener San Diego residents can turn to All Star Water Systems as a trusted vendor.

Reverse osmosis San Diego residents can use in their homes increases the quality of the water by eliminating contaminants from the water. The process uses a semi-permeable membrane to force clean water through the system and remove harmful chemicals and other corrosive materials. By using reverse osmosis San Diego homeowners will be able to provide better tasting and healthier water to their families.

Another issue that can be addressed, after the free water test, is hard water. Hard water is the build up of calcium and other chemicals in the pipes and fixtures. This causes damage to the water system and can cause water to taste bad or cause clothes to fade and wear more quickly. All Star’s system with a water softener San Diego residents can install removes hard water and increases the life of the water systems. A water softener San Diego homes install will prove to be a good investment for the longevity of the home and its water systems.

The free water test offered by All Star Water Systems is a way to determine if reverse osmosis San Diego homes will benefit from.

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