ALL-TAG Announces Technology Advancements in People Counting Systems


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- ALL-TAG, a leading manufacturer of traffic counting and EAS systems, announces technological advancements in their People Counting Systems product line. For many years, the company has supplied affordable, reliable, and user-friendly People Counting Systems to retailers, libraries, museums, and many other businesses. These traffic-counting systems are currently being used by many of the largest retailers in the world.

“We are now taking our infrared technology to a new level by using it to detect and report people’s actions, proximity relative to specific objects, duration of events, air quality, noise level, energy consumption, and much more,” explained Sales and Marketing Director Andy Gilbert. “The possibilities are endless, as our traffic counting sensor technology is extremely flexible and can be used to provide our customers with valuable information to help them run their businesses more efficiently.”

ALL-TAG offers the marketplace simple door counters with display screens showing the current number of people that have entered a building or space during a given period of time, as well as advanced Radio-Frequency Patron Counting Systems that allow businesses to view data on a remote PC using an advanced software application.

“The simple end-user installation and maintenance of our traffic counting systems eliminates technical support costs,” Gilbert continued. “Our People Counting Systems are all wireless and battery powered. Regardless of the patron counting system they choose, our customers invariably tell us that the wireless component makes them much easier to install and operate over other systems.”

With simple drop-down menus, comprehensive software allows users to view tables and graphs showing people traffic trends from an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly perspective. In addition, the company offers USB based visitor counters that can be connected directly to a laptop to download the data and view it via our software.

All ALL-TAG People Counting Systems include the following features:

- Infrared technology accurately counting people moving in and out of a building or general area
- Battery powered / wireless device
- Small, lightweight design allowing installation on virtually any surface
- Display counters equipped with screens showing count values
- Radio Frequency Counters wirelessly transmit counting data to a local or remote PC via the Sensor Network Gateway (SNG) and SensorServer™ software

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ALL-TAG manufacturers Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products and services designed to help retailers protect their merchandise from shoplifting. For many years, the company has supplied affordable, reliable, and user-friendly People Counting Systems to retailers, libraries, museums, and many other businesses. The original ALL-TAG RF Label factory, located in Manage, Belgium, has been producing RF Labels for retailers throughout the world since 1992. ALL-TAG Security Americas Inc., located in Boca Raton, Florida USA, opened in 2000 as a global sales and marketing office. In July of 2011, ALL-TAG Security Americas Inc. launched a new production facility to manufacture labels in the United States. The new factory supplies RF Labels to our US customers, as well as many other customers around the world. The company also has an inventory warehouse in Hong Kong to ensure timely deliveries to our many customers in Asia and the Pacific Rim.

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