Joe Bragg Reveals How Cats Use Science Everyday


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2012 -- Cat owners and lovers of feline friends enjoy searching the Web for information about cats, from how to train your cat to use the litter box to entertaining videos and photos of the furry creatures. It is clear to see from social networking sites such as Facebook and Pinterest that cats are a popular topic for teens and adults alike.

One website that is gaining attention as a resource for cat health tips and funny cat photos, videos and wallpapers is Since October 2011, the site has offered a plethora of editorial content and images to keep cat owners both educated and entertained. was designed to provide a unique combination of entertainment and information to help owner’s better care for their cats, while enjoying the funny, quirky ways of one of the world’s favorite pets. The site features a unique section entitled Cats Use Science that visitors can access on the side-bar of the landing page. This section provides information regarding how a team of scientists from the Boston Zoo conducted a study revealing that cats use the physics of liquid dynamics to suck water into their mouths, using their tongues as tunnels.

In addition to learning more about their little genius pets, cat owners can use to obtain helpful tips for how to train your cat to use the litter box by selecting the March 2012 blog posts. The post provides step-by-step instructions to effectively train a cat to use a little box.

Site visitors can access a variety of cat health tips, funny photos and videos or wallpapers by utilizing the convenient site header. The information is organized into five categories—Health, Facts, Pictures, Videos and Wallpapers.

The variety of information available on the site creates a fun and educational environment for cat owners or people interested in owning cats. According to the site owner, “All my life I was accompanied by these lovely animals, so I got to know a lot about them and that’s what I want to share with visitors to this site.”

“My reader base is spread all over the world, and I’m looking for other kittie-lovers to exchange thoughts, pictures, videos and knowledge.”

The user-friendly website navigation enables site visitors to find the specific information they are seeking whether it is for cat health tips, to find out how cats use science or for pleasure. Funny cat photos and videos are placed throughout the site, adding a sense of fun to the extensive editorial content.

The Wallpaper tab on the header connects site visitors with a wide-range of adorable and humorous cat wallpapers they can use at no cost. Images include holiday-themes, cats wearing clothes, playful kittens and more.

The high quality images, videos and useful editorial content make a popular website choice for cat enthusiasts.

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