ApplenMicro Promises Savings to Business Users


Stockport, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- Business owners whose budgets are being stretched to the limit have a new ally in their fight against waste. The risks of paying too much for their business utility bills could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new and dynamic comparison site which does more than any other to point the way to savings. Businesses can now look forward to always having the information they need right at their fingertips when it comes to signing up for new contracts on utilities such as electricity, gas and telephone costs. With millions of pounds a year wasted on excessive bills, this is welcome news.

Among the exciting aspects on offer with is a handy reminder which alerts the site to contact you as soon as the end-date for your contract is on the horizon. With numerous businesses simply being rolled on to new contracts at higher rates and without special allowances once their initial contract is up, the site offers something that others do not. This chance to always be in control of your utility costs will allow businesses to save money that would be better spent elsewhere, in areas of the business that generate profit for the company.

A senior analyst said today: “Businesses are unaware of just how much money they might be wasting by letting their present utilities contracts just roll on when they are expired. Some companies even go on name when selecting a provider in the first place, which can mean that they are paying through the nose for something that, although a business essential, does not represent part of a profit-making business plan. They need to remember that there is always the chance to make a saving on your fixed costs, as backwards as that might sound.”

Studies have shown that business owners faced with decisions on how to cut their costs are still making decisions that put their business under greater threat. The impression that savings can best be made by either cutting investment or making redundancies still pervades within the business community, even though senior analysts describe it as being, at best, a false economy. The truth about proactive cost-cutting, they argue, is that savings can best be found in costs that are simultaneously unavoidable and non profit-generating. They have identified utility bills among these costs.

The senior analyst added: “Your utility bills are always there, and for that reason a lot of people don't think to look there for their savings when it comes to cutting costs. However, the truth is that those unavoidable permanent costs are exactly where you should look for savings because they are always going to be there. Therefore the lower you can make them, the fewer cuts you have to make in the areas of the business that could help you make the money that means you don't have to cut again. Not to mention that it's all the same electricity, so there's no benefit to paying more for it.”

The set-up of is such that it allows business owners to always be on top of their utility bills. When the time comes for a contract to be renewed the user will be informed of the fact and given the chance to look for a better deal elsewhere – which in turn may allow them to negotiate a better deal with their current suppliers. In this respect it is the perfect comparison site for the modern age, where wringing every penny out of the business budget is all the more important. It has already helped users save thousands, and the stated aim is to build on that achievement.

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