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Allah, Jesus, and Yahweh: The Gods That Failed ... Compelling New Book by Gordon Harrison Examines Moral & Intellectual Damage Caused by Religion.

Examining everything from ancient texts to the modern-day ‘Arab Spring’, Harrison’s thought-provoking new book implores readers to search for evidence for their beliefs rather than faith. At their root, all religious conflicts arise from faith — faith that screams with absolute certainty I’m right; you’re wrong. With such pertinence to modern society, ‘Allah, Jesus, and Yahweh: The Gods That Failed’ is resonating with readers around the world.


Peterborough, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2013 -- Twenty-first century’s nightly news can’t pass by without running another story on religious conflict or clashes. While these modern-day battles play out for the world to see, the issues that act as a catalyst for them are deeply embedded in ancient texts that claim to contain ‘absolute’ certainties.

In an eye-opening and vitally-important new book, Gordon Harrison conducts a definitive exposé’ of the damage caused by religion and breaks new ground in the world of investigative literature.

Synopsis of ‘Allah, Jesus, and Yahweh: The Gods That Failed’:

‘Allah, Jesus, and Yahweh: The Gods That Failed’ deals with the moral and intellectual damage caused by religion the subject of many of today's headlines. There have been at least five major religious invasions from Asia into Europe. In particular, the Middle East seems a virtual hatchery for faith and fanaticism. It's the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam not to mention the earlier Zoroastrianism and the much later Baha’ism plus a plethora of minor cults and lunacies. The parlance in vogue for this present invasion is a clash of civilizations East versus West! But this is not entirely the case. There is a clash, but we have confused the combatants. Many in the West do not intend to fight for the preservation of Christianity; some in the East feel the same about Islam. What we will defend is freedom, democracy, and the values of the Enlightenment versus submission, dictatorship, and the buzz of the hive mind. A colossal clash of ideals is underway between the Enlightenment and the Army of the Night those who feel they have absolute certainty without evidence.

From religion to science, it has been a long night's journey into light.

Science is proof without certainty; religion is certainty without proof.

As the author explains, his examination of religion is more important now than ever before.

“Religion is our nightly news; the driving force behind the world’s worst conflicts. Most ages have had defining historical events: Rome had the Goths; Christianity had the Dark Ages; Napoleon, the old royal order; Europe, the Fascism of Hitler and Mussolini; the West, the communism of Marx and Mao,” says Harrison.

Continuing, “We are now afloat on a tidal wave of conflict between Islam and the West: between faith and reason, between anti-science and science, between submission and freedom. And like Brutus, we must take the current when it serves or lose our ventures. While my book examines these heavy subjects, I keep the narrative light and in good humor, making it accessible and relevant to all.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“As the ‘Arab Spring’ in Egypt is rapidly turning into something more like the ‘Winter of their Despair’ this subject is especially topical. This book adds many significant and thoughtful insights into the religious source for current political and social conflicts around the world. It is thoughtful, well researched and clearly expressed. Humans certainly don’t need gods or devils to account for the evil in the world. We are quite capable, as news reports confirm daily, of ‘all manner of evil.’ But, as the author’s story about Mother Courage so aptly illustrates, humans, as well as the rest of the natural world, are also capable of ‘all manner of good.’ It all ‘goes to hell’, as he argues so effectively, when one group tries to impose its dogma on another” says Dirk Verhulst, teacher.

Freethinker Bill Walker was equally as impressed, adding, “Hilarious and powerful. Equal to anything written by Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins, and Dennett, the Four Horsemen of the Anti-Apocalypse.”

With the book’s popularity set to rapidly increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Allah, Jesus, and Yahweh: The Gods That Failed’, published by Prometheus Publications, is available now: http://amzn.to/19eVCnx.

About Gord Harrison
Gord Harrison is the author of several popular books on religion, nature, and art. When he isn't writing, he's photographing the wolves, bears, moose, and other wildlife of the Ontario hinterlands. Before this and after earning a Master of Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo, he taught calculus and algebra.