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AllClients CRM Software Experiencing Tremendous Growth in North America


Windsor, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2011 -- AllClients CRM software is seeing explosive growth as more small businesses adopt the online CRM solution. Their “All-In-One" Web-based client management system integrates a robust information marketing, email, follow-up, and CRM software system specifically designed for the non-technical business owner.

The Web-based online CRM software system creates a proactive single source for leads, prospects and client information to close more sales and follow up with current and past customers. “We designed AllClients to be 100-percent automated so that all of these tedious but important tasks can be done in one click,” said AllClients President and Co-Founder Todd Binder. The goal is to free business owners from the computer so that they can spend more time with clients and promising leads.”

An AllClients template allows customization of the online database with almost infinite functionality. The system manages all conversation notes, business/personal date alerts, referrals and much more automatically. Among the features are customized Deal Tracking, social media integration, a unique Referral Tree showing referral business source and fully customizable Web forms to capture Website visitor contact info and updates.

Automated email campaigns can be sent at preset intervals while the system instantly responds to new lead queries via automated email response. The CRM software provides customizable consumer guides, free reports and monthly newsletters from industry-specific templates as incentives for prospects to leave their names and emails.

Contact Filtering and an integrated calendar allow list or category creation based on any criteria. An audio generator lets the client record messages by phone that can be easily and quickly added to the Webpage without equipment, training or technical skills. AllClients Mobile allows real-time database contact access from an iPhone, Blackberry or Android device.

The online CRM system can grow from a single user to multiple team members that can share all database functionality simultaneously or have individual databases within a team structure. “Anyone can learn the system in minutes and use it immediately,” said AllClients CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Shamus. The customizable packages start at around $20 per month and we even provide a free trial so clients can see it work in action.”

AllClients offers two packages with a plethora of options and is constantly being updated and improved. A 30-day free trial offers representative numbers of all features. The CRM software is Mac/PC/Linux compatible and also works with devices running the latest version of Web browsers. For more information, please visit http://www.allclients.com/

About AllClients
AllClients is a fully automated Web-based client management system that combines marketing, email, follow-up, and CRM system for U.S. and Canadian small businesses. The software offers various options in two packages that are continually updated for client needs. System templates can be customized for virtually any business.