Allergy Sufferers Find Relief Online


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- About one in four people in the U.K. suffer from an allergy and half of those affected are children; however, despite the fact that so many people live with an allergic condition, training is typically poor in this field of study, and many GPs fail to properly diagnose and treat the disease.

An allergy is considered a multi-organ condition because it can affect pretty much any part of the human body. Symptoms of the disorder may present themselves as a mild form of hay-fever or an extreme, life-threatening case of anaphylactic shock.

People have proven that they can be allergic to just about anything. Recently, 33 year old Kasia Beaver from Worcestershire (UK) was diagnosed with an allergy to exercise – according to online site While most cases are not this extreme, it illustrates just how widespread allergic conditions actually are.

In the past, sufferers of an allergy had little or no way to connect with others who had similar conditions, but now many have turned to the Internet as a way to educate themselves about their condition. They also use the Internet to find support from others - an invaluable resource in finding information on how to avoid places and things that may trigger a reaction, and it is a great place to find advice on how to deal with some of the social aspects of the disease.

One new and innovative website,, seeks to reach out to people with allergic conditions and it offers them a number of different resources to help them find products specifically designed for allergy sufferers. Users are also able to connect to one another through the site to access advice and support, sharing stories and resources between each other. The inspiration for the site came when its founder, Leyla Mehmet, discovered that there was a lack of resources to help her family cope with a serious case of eczema that her daughter had been diagnosed with.

Mehmet explained, "I realised through my research of my daughter’s condition that I could help others in similar situations find the answers and support they needed. Living with an allergy is a lot like living in a prison, but finding products that are safe to use and medicines that are able to help ease symptoms can make all the difference in the world." Those who are interested in learning more about resources to help with skin allergies such as eczema, or some of the other allergies that afflict sufferers all over the U.K, will find the website to be both informative and very beneficial.

The Internet is a great tool to spread allergy awareness and help educate people about allergic conditions – many people don't realise their condition has arisen due to an allergy, or know of ways to manage the symptoms. Allergy sufferers who are armed with knowledge and resources can often manage symptoms to effectively lessen the disorder's impact on their lives.

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