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Alleviate Pain with Diet and Exercise


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2014 -- Every person deals with achiness or muscle pain from time to time, but if it becomes chronic they often seek out a pill as the answer to the issue. While pain relievers such as Advil or Motrin will work for a short time, one of the best remedies for long-term pain relief is proper diet and exercise.

There are two primary types of body pain: when beginning a fitness program, may experience pain from delayed onset muscle soreness for a few days. Once resolved, the body typically feels more alert and more toned, but if pain lasts longer than a few days medical treatment for an underlying issue.

Muscle pain can be caused by activity, but joint pain is more common and can alert a person to degenerative diseases, arthritis, or other issues. As mentioned above, a pill can provide temporary relief, but stretching and movement of the joints and surrounding tissues can often repair underlying issues that will lead to long-term resolution. Anti-inflammatory diets can also be adapted to assist the pain-relieving movements being done by the body.

Diet and exercise can also reduce body weight which will decrease pressure on the joints, and enable a person to move easier throughout daily life. Muscle tone will also help improve posture and alignment throughout the body, which will lead to reduced pain in common areas such as knees, back and hips. Healthy body weight and better movement are also associated with a reduction in injuries, which prevents short bouts of pain as well as long-term problems.

For diet, eating plenty of anti-inflammatory foods such as fruits and vegetables can help the body’s circulatory system function at optimal levels. While proper body alignment will reduce pain by moving joints into proper position, better blood flow will allow white blood cells to rush in and create space between joints allowing for more movement.

When pain is chronic, physician input and advice should be sought, especially in instances of trauma or swelling of joints and tissues. But if a person is experiencing everyday aches, exercise and dietary changes could help alleviate these without physician intervention.

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