Allflex Expands Injection Molding Production to Include Metal Injection Molding


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2014 -- Allflex, a company that provides plastic injection molding production, is pleased to announce they have expanded their services to include metal injection molding production. Acting as a variation of plastic injection molding, metal injection molding (MIM) enables the fabrication of metal parts utilizing traditional injection molding technology. MIM is best suited for high-volume production of small metal parts.

According to Allflex, metal injection molding is used for such common metal as Low alloy, Stainless & High-speed steels, along with Irons, Cobalt, Copper, Nickel, Tungsten and Titanium alloys. The metal parts, which are manufactured from the metal injection molding process can be found in various industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, dental, consumer products and telecommunications. Components manufactured through MIM can be found within sporting goods, cell phones, surgical instruments, power tools and a host of electronic devices.

Allflex is available to offer assistance for services including design and production of injection molded parts. With assistance from experienced injection molding engineers, Allflex works with customers to design an effective model and produce a 3D CAD model file. Production assistance includes the fastening or hardware selection for assembling parts. When determining cost-saving methods, mold design, fastener selection and assembly procedures take key priority for the production.

Reaching out to Allflex for production services is easy as customers can contact a customer service representative online, or by calling 215-789-4411. For more information on injection molding, please visit today.

About Allflex
For more than 45 years, Allflex has been providing solutions for your parts and packaging needs. There is major emphasis on design with particular attention to material selection to enable top functional performance at reasonable prices. Allflex offers a variety of options in material selection, structural designs and solutions including those involving sustainable packaging. It starts with design, followed by prototypes, then production and if required, assembly.

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