AllFlex Now Offering a Vast Selection of Insulated Containers


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- Allflex, a leading national supplier of packaging solutions, is pleased to announce they are now featuring a vast selection of insulated containers on their website. By visiting the company’s website, customers will find high-grade insulated containers which are purposely designed to protect temperature-sensitive materials. A number of industries, including the medical and food industries, use insulated containers to make sure their products are protected at all times. Allflex currently has regular and custom insulated containers in stock, using a variety of high-quality materials to meet customer demands.

When choosing insulated containers, customers have their choice of purchasing stock and custom containers including molded, thermal ring, individual panels and flat pack varieties. The company also has the ability to U.N certify their customers’ containers for HazMat.

Customers interested in learning more about insulated containers can fill out the free consultation form that is available on the company website, Customers can also speak with a customer representative about their project by calling 215-789-4441.

Along with offering a large variety of insulated containers, Allflex also offers cardboard packaging solutions for businesses. The structural design of cardboard packaging provides a superior cushion and maximum protection for any product, keeping them protected through long-distant shipping and delivery. From the time the product or products are placed in the package, until the time they arrive on site, they will be protected. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes and thicknesses, based on their unique packaging needs. Cardboard packaging is a simple solution for fragile products including electronic items, glass products, chemical liquids and more.

Made with corrugated material, the packaging solutions offer tear-resistant qualities which are designed to protect products from exposure when in transit. The company uses a testing laboratory for certifying hazardous material 4G containers, taking pride in sustainable packaging solutions.

About Allflex
For more than 45 years, Allflex has been providing solutions for your parts and packaging needs. There is major emphasis on design with particular attention to material selection to enable top functional performance at reasonable prices. Allflex offers a variety of options in material selection, structural designs and solutions including those involving sustainable packaging. It starts with design, followed by prototypes, then production and if required, assembly.

For additional information, please log on to or contact Allflex at 215-789-4441.