Allflex Now Offering Cost Saving Injection Molded Parts


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- The professionals from Allflex are now offering cost-effective ways to save on injection molding parts that provide plastic solutions in small quantities, but still at an affordable price. The plastic parts are manufactured by an injection mold or a CNC machine and the packaging company in Philadelphia works with businesses throughout the design, prototypes and even production process, whichever is needed.

Injection molded parts can be used for a variety of reasons and in some cases businesses need them as soon as possible, which is why Allflex offers a quick turnaround for production parts. Whether it is for refining a businesses existing design, the initial production of a part, or just starting out by testing numerous materials one may want to use. The molded parts can also be put through functional testing during the development process to make sure they are suitable for whatever they are needed for. The parts will always be made from the client’s choice of plastic materials allowing them to provide the greatest functionality.

The packaging company provides those with the opportunity to seek out and explore new needs, and the experienced engineers from Allflex can recommend any designs or materials that may help throughout the process. With a quick turnaround time of only 3 to 6 days for CNC machined parts and 5 to 15 days for injection molds, this allows businesses to become much more effective and productive. With this low cost tooling, Allflex’s clients can obtain quantities as low as 3 prototype parts. By simply sending a 3D CAD model, the professionals at Allflex will be able to provide a quote for whatever service one is looking for.

About Allflex Packaging
For more than 45 years, Allflex Packaging Products has been honored to provide clients with the highest quality of packaging solutions in the industry. They offer a variety of options: materials and solutions including those seeking sustainable packaging that includes: design and prototypes, production and assembly.

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