Allflex Reveals 10 New Key Points to Arrive at the Best Packaging for Industrial Products


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Deciding on the proper packaging design can seem quite difficult, which is why Allflex has revealed 10 new key points to arrive at in order to select the best packaging for industrial products. By reviewing these major points, this will result in the best packaging for one’s product that is cost-effective and sustainable. The professionals at Allflex welcome all package inquires no matter what size, shape or quantity the order may be. Their main goal is to exceed one’s expectations with the highest level of customer care.

The packaging company reveals that one of the first key points is to determine the unit load, for example, will the shipments be in multiple packs or individual orders. Then if the product is being shipped to United States locations, internationally or both; this will be able to determine the proper packaging for travel. The Allflex professionals also suggest listing the areas where the product is most likely to sustain the most damage to prevent this from happening. With all of these things considered, Allflex is able to provide the safest packaging for transportation around the world for industrial products.

Allflex factors in quantities of packaging because this affects the manufacturing decisions as to what equipment and material to use for lower costs. This will then allow company’s to choose packaging material accordingly based on budget. The sixth point revealed is the evaluation of materials and the labor that is needed in order to package the product for shipment. Depending on the printing requirements and where the label will appear on the outside of the container will determine pricing for industrial products.

Allflex finds it extremely important that they not only find budget friendly packaging, but also something that will protect the product during shipping and handling. They understand that in some cases it may not be possible to incorporate environmentally friendly packaging materials, however Allflex recommends customers to make an effort too. Last but not least, they reveal their final key point to arrive at the best industrial packaging material, which is to consider if the end user will think it has been packaged up to their standards. By incorporating all of these major elements will help everyone in the packaging process receive the greatest satisfaction. For more information on how to become environmentally friendly, choose the proper material and determine shipping quantities contact Allflex today.

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