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Alliance Grip on Staying Relevant in the Film Industry

Los Angeles-based Grip Equipment Company Explains Importance of Keeping Current


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 -- Grips play a vital role in the film industry. Acting as a lifeline in many senses, grip companies and individual grips themselves must constantly stay vigilant in keeping up with the latest in regards to technique, hardware, and more. Long time veterans in the industry themselves, Alliance Grip has always kept up to date and works hard to ensure present and future generations of grips can approach their jobs with the tools they need.

Every component in a grip's repertoire of equipment is important in its own way – whether it be ladders, tape, gloves, bags, lighting, etc. The cart and the trucks, however, are what really bring it all together and allow everything else to be transported to and around location.

Without a truck that takes into account all the changes in other equipment and works well with it, grips won't be able to perform as effectively as possible. Alliance Grip has taken an all-new approach to how grip trucks are built. Targeting the television, film, and commercial market, they have built trucks that are quick and efficient to work from.

All carts are labeled for quick use and easy counts at wrap. The C-Stand and 4x Combo Carts design brings grips' most-used stands right to the set; no more stands on doors. The 10 and 12 step ladders no longer have to be the last-off first-on items of the grip truck; with their rack system, they've have brought them down to a safe and easy working height. Alliance Grip Trucks were designed by grips who wanted a better, more efficient way, not a rental house. After checking out the photos on their website, there will be no doubt why.

"The film industry is constantly evolving and grips need to meet the demands and keep up to date if they want to stay relevant," shared Alliance Owner Tony Giordano. "As industry veterans ourselves, we are looking out for the best interest of grips and ensuring they get what they need."

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