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Allianz Security Protection Reviews: 5 Quick Tips for Back to School Safety

August means back to school and back to school means children are out in the roads in the early morning crossing streets and waiting for buses.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2012 -- August means back to school and back to school means children are out in the roads in the early morning crossing streets and waiting for buses.

How can you make sure children are as safe as possible at these stops? Allianz Security Protection, a Security Protection company which provides guards to a variety of industries and schools, said the first step is to make sure your children know about safety.

Allianz Security Protection Reviews Tip # 1: GUARDS ARE HELPERS

First make sure the children understand what a guard is supposed to do. Make sure the children know what a guard looks like and acts like.

The children should also know that a guard is their friend and is someone who is there to help. When a crossing guard says stop, a child should know to stop and not run.

Allianz Security Protection Reviews Tip # 2: INTRODUCE THE GUARD

Either before school starts or on the first day or two of school, meet the guards with your child. Introduce yourself and the guard and get the guard’s name. This familiarizes the child with a new person in a very safe way.

Since some schools also have in-school officers, the Open House held before school starts each year is an excellent time to meet these guards as well. Use the same procedure as above. Remind the child that a security officer in the school should be treated with the same respect as a teacher.

The child also need to understand that a school security officer is also there to help.

Allianz Security Protection Reviews Tip # 3: DO SPOT CHECKS

Show up periodically and speak to the various security personnel your child comes in contact with. Ask how your child and the other children are doing. Ask how the guard feels about working with the children. Ask how the guard is doing.

These simple questions shows that you are involved in your child’s education every step of the way. The guard will feel much better coming to you to talk if he or she thinks something is going on that you need to know about.

Be sure you tell the guard you are interested in hearing good things as well as bad things.

Allianz Security Protection Reviews Tip # 4: EMERGENCY CONTACT

Yes, the school has a way to get in touch with you in an emergency. But if a crossing guard is several blocks away from a school, they may need the information as well.

Also, get the guards contact information if you can. That way if something happens such as your child is sick, running late or you drove the student to school, you can tell the guard. A good crossing guard is going to notice the absence of a child and wonder.

Allianz Security Protection Reviews Tip # 5: CHECK THE HIRING

Go by the Board of Education administration offices and ask about the crossing and in-school guards in general. You may not be able to get specific information about individuals, but you can get general information. Who hires them? What are the qualifications to be a guard? Do they have to go through a background check? Are they contract employees or employed directly by the School Board?

Ask what kind of continuing education training the guards must have. Find out where the training is held and who conducts it.

This all may sound like a lot, but over the course of a year, it’s very little time and energy. Remember too, these are your children you are looking after. You want to be sure they are being taken care of by responsible, ethical and moral people.

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