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Alligator Drain Cleaning Enlightens Readers on 3 Reasons Storm Drains Can Back Up and What to Do About It


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- It is important to have a properly functioning storm drain at all time so incase a storm hits the drain can fully accommodate the inflowing water. If a storm drain is not able to properly function at full capacity chances are the drain can back flow, which may result in flooding and cause structural or building damage. and Alligator Drain Cleaning have outlined the 3 most common reasons why storm drains can back up, to educate readers about how to prevent a possible disaster, flooding and damage to their property.

The region of Florida is prone to heavy storms and rainfall. Florida Hurricanes season has just begun and it is important for people in the area to prepare their storm drains for a storm surge. Storm drains require regular cleaning.

The number one reason for storm drain blockage is trash and debris that accumulate over time and end up blocking the drains, secondly a more serious issue with the waste sewerage line and the storm drain system could also cause the drainage to malfunction and cause more damage. Tree Root infiltration can be numbers as the third reason a drain can back up. To evaluate the right issue a professional must be called in, equipped with a camera these professional drain cleaners will be able to pinpoint the exact problem and solve the issue properly.

Alligator Drain Cleaning experts are available for service 24 hours a day, their promise:

“We have a professional phone service that answers calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide the most professional and courteous quality of service in the Miami area. We provide emergency services anytime, no matter the size of the problem, big or small, rain or shine. Our phone operators will assess the job at hand and handle it accordingly in the most efficient manner possible. We pick up any and all calls; no job is out of reach. Our operators are in direct contact with the drivers and serviceman and will send them to the job once your call has been completed.”

It is not advised that property owners try to tackle the storm drain back up problem by themselves, inexperience, lack of knowledge and absence of proper equipment can make the problem worse, therefore it is best to trust a professional and clean it right the first time.

About Alligator Drain Cleaning
Alligator Drain cleaning is a family run business since 1989 which provides storm drains, catch basins, soakage pits and parking lot drains cleaning services in Miami and Dade County. They have 5 VAC trucks, pressure wash equipment and cameras that can access hard to reach areas. They can handle any emergency quickly.

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