Joe Bragg Shows Australians How to Affordably Enhance a Car with Alloy and Mag Wheels


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2013 -- Every day, car owners across Australia enhance their vehicles with custom rims, paint jobs, and lift kits. But some types of vehicle improvements do more than just enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle: they also provide a useful service. Such is the case with alloy wheels and mag wheels, which are lighter than traditional wheels and can provide better gas mileage and handling while improving the aesthetics of a vehicle.

At, visitors can learn what makes alloy wheels, also known as mag wheels, so special. Specifically, the website explains that mag wheels tend to offer better handling characteristics than traditional wheels. For years, car owners have been using mag wheels to provide better gas mileage, better handling, and faster acceleration on all types of vehicles.

Of course, mag wheels do all of this in addition to looking fantastic. While most vehicle owners purchase mag wheels for the aesthetic improvement, they find that they also appreciate the other benefits.

The website is a treasure trove of information about mag wheels. The website explains how mag wheels work and why they’re such a popular car improvement. The site also explains why drivers should avoid certain types of mag wheels because they can actually damage a car or put the life of the driver at risk.

A spokesperson for the site explains how to choose the right set of alloy wheels:

“We encourage visitors to choose a set of alloy wheels that reflects their personality. The main point of buying alloy wheels is to personalize a vehicle and make it look different from other vehicles on the road. However, we do not recommend buying cheap alloy wheels, as this can jeopardize the safety of the vehicle while actually worsening gas mileage and handling.”

Many people are surprised to learn that alloy wheels used to be the norm for car manufacturers. In the past, alloy wheels offered the same handling advantages and superior aesthetics. But due to primitive casting technology, they tended to be brittle, which is why steel wheels became the norm for car manufacturers. Today, the website explains that advanced casting methods have made alloy wheels a valid option for today’s drivers.

Whether purchasing alloy wheels for better handling or simply interested in customizing a vehicle, aims to be the first website Australian drivers turn to when looking to buy alloy wheels in their area.

About is an Australian car wheel information website dedicated to telling visitors about the advantages of alloy wheels, also known as mag wheels. Alloy wheels customize the appearance of a vehicle while also providing better gas mileage and handling. For more information, please visit: