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AllSeason Solar's Residential Solar Panel Installation Process


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2019 -- Getting residential solar panels starts with a free solar consultation, where data like the cost of a home's average electric bill is used to assess eligibility. If a household qualifies, AllSeason Solar will create a custom design, and a technician will visit the home to discuss the programs available.

Once the homeowner has picked the most suitable program, it's time for a site audit. The experts at AllSeason Solar will evaluate the home's roof, main breaker box, and sun exposure to ensure the home's eligibility for solar.

Once this step is complete, AllSeason Solar combines the data from the site audit with the historical electric usage and customize a design to fit the household's needs. After the final design is approved, installation begins. This takes one or two days, scheduled at the convenience of the homeowner. All the permits and applications for installation will be handled by AllSeason Solar.

AllSeason Solar installs panels that use microinverter technology, which is superior to outdated central inverters for several reasons. They are more efficient, and, unlike central inverters, the system will continue working even if one panel or microinverter fails. Also, microinverters don't create high voltage, and each panel functions at its own individual level of maximum efficiency.

Speaking of efficiency, solar panels can save homeowners an average of $29,000 over 20 years. They're environmentally friendly and can even protect roofs from normal wear and tear created by sun, wind, snow and rain. They also serve as a source of shade to keep the home cooler.

Solar panels, part of the U.S. economy's renewable energy sector, will create millions of jobs over the next decade, and now homeowners can help this industry grow.

To get started on the process and start enjoying these benefits, contact AllSeason Solar today!

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As one of New Jersey's largest and most up-to-date solar installers, AllSeason Solar has installed thousands of systems without the use of subcontractors. With 25-year warranties on their workmanship, modules, and microinverters, the experts at AllSeason Solar offer top-quality work. They offer free consultations and involve the homeowners in every step of the process, from selecting the system size to approving the final design. For more information, visit