Joe Bragg Aims to Offer a Cupcake Stand for Any Event


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t like cupcakes. With the soft, fluffy cake mix and delicious frosted icing on top, cupcakes are a delicacy appreciated by just about everyone. But those who are serious about their cupcakes will want to display them in the most attractive way possible.

That’s why cupcake stands are so popular for cupcake bakers. Cupcake stands display cupcakes in a number of creative and elegant ways. And at, visitors can browse through one of the internet’s widest selections of cupcake stands.

The website features cupcake stands sorted by shape, number of tiers, material, and cupcake capacity. By balancing all of these qualities, visitors can find the perfect cupcake stand for their needs.

The homepage of features a select number of popular cupcake stands. So far, those cupcake stands include a five tier square cardboard cupcake tower that has a capacity of 100 cupcakes, as well as a smaller six tier acrylic cupcake stand that can hold 65 cupcakes.

After clicking on the link to any of these cupcake stands, visitors are directed to a sales page, where they can read reviews for that stand and learn about the stand’s technical specifications and materials.

As a spokesperson for explains, many people are surprised to learn how elegant a cupcake stand can be:

“Cupcake stands can make any event look classy. Cardboard cupcake stands are a perfect way to highlight delicious cupcakes being sold at a bake sale, while metallic and acrylic cupcake stands are perfect for fancier events – like a wedding or birthday party. At our website, cupcake stands come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and we encourage visitors to browse through our selection to find the perfect stand for their needs.”

One of the most popular parts of the website is the ‘Best Sellers’ section, where visitors can click to see the most popular cupcake stands sold over the last few month. Prices range from basic models for $29.99 to elegant metallic stands for $249.99.

About is an online cupcake stand retail website that aims to offer the internet’s widest selection of cupcake stands at discount prices. The website allows visitors to sort through cupcake stands based on the number of tiers, type of material, shape, and cupcake capacity. For more information, please visit: