Joe Bragg Shows Visitors How to Provide First Aid to Turtles and Feed Them


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- Turtles are one of nature’s most unique-looking creatures. They have one of the strangest skeletal structures on the planet, including a rigid shell stretched over the spine and long, bony fins that help propel the turtle through the water. But like any creature, turtles need proper food and care in order to stay alive at home and in the wild. has gained a reputation for helping turtle owners with their pets. At, visitors will find detailed instructions on how to care for a wide range of turtles, including snapping turtles, painted turtles, box turtles, and other species. The site is designed for both beginner turtle owners and experienced veterans. features a message board where turtle fans can communicate about a wide range of topics, including turtle first aid, turtle breeding, and turtle behavior. There’s also a forum where visitors are encouraged to share their aquatic tank setups, indoor and outdoor ponds, or their land turtle housing setups.

As a spokesperson for explains, the ultimate goal of the site is to make sure that turtles all over the world are experiencing the proper care they deserve:

“Since turtles are such unique creatures, they require a type of care different than other traditional household pets and critters. Our goal is to teach visitors everything they need to know about caring for a turtle, including basic feeding habits and turtle medical care, among other things. Although the site was created by experienced turtle owners, we don’t claim to know everything there is to know about turtles, which is why we encourage visitors to share their turtle-related experiences over our message boards.”

There are nearly 300 different species of turtles in the world today, and many of these species are endangered. In an effort to do their part for the turtle community, has created pages dedicated to a number of specific species of turtle.

The website features specific pages for the leatherback sea turtle and the snapping turtle, for example. The snapping turtle article explains which features distinguish snapping turtles from other types of turtles while also highlighting the snapping turtles natural habit, behavioral patterns, and other relevant information.

Whether learning how to care for a newly-purchased pet turtle or wanting to browse through sample outdoor turtle setups, the website aims to provide a valuable resource for turtle owners and fans all over the world.

About is a turtle information website that features detailed explanations of different types of turtle breeds along with guides on how to care for turtles and provide first aid. For more information, please visit: