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Almost a School Shooter Because of Bullying, the 'Bully Doctor' Now Gives Away Free Tool Kit Proven to Stop It


St. Paul, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- As one of the country’s most active anti-bullying role models, Tim Hutchinson admits that he could have gone down as the biggest mass-murderer in United States history. Stopped just minutes before executing his plan to massacre fellow students as revenge for the severe bullying he suffered, life could have taken a very different path.

Following diligent mentoring and healing, and now known as ‘The Bully Doctor’, Hutchinson’s life-changing publications and workshops have been directly credited with preventing four school shootings and stopping over fifty teen suicides. Wanting to quickly spread his message as far and wide as possible, he is distributing a vital new resource for students, parents, organizations and anyone actively looking to drive bullying statistics into the ground for good.

By sharing free copies of his acclaimed ‘Bully Proof’ eBook, The Bully Doctor is equipping all readers with the same techniques to deal with bullies that he teaches in his $3000-per-day workshops and presentations.

"I want to get this information out to anyone and everyone who needs the tools to regain control and stop the bullying,” he says.

Continuing, “Being bullied every day led me to thinking that killing the offenders was the only way out. I have an in-depth knowledge of mass shooters from my own unique perspective, know the reasons why shootings happen, and continue to focus on real solutions to prevent them from happening. I once thought that attacking my high school would have been the greatest day in my life. I was wrong. It would have only destroyed many lives and prevented me from realizing a truly wonderful life. My goal is to reach out through my ‘Bully Proof’ report to send a positive message to anyone who has experienced bullying, and especially those who might be considering committing a shooting, thinking that it is the only solution.”

Looking to provide an approach that stops would-be shooters before the thought manifests into action, The Bully Doctor wishes that the same help he now offers had been afforded to him.

“I committed crimes for many years. I wanted a better life but didn’t know how to get one. By chance, I met a holocaust survivor who had at one time lived with Adolph Hitler. He survived his own imprisonment and abuse and eventually moved to America to rebuild his life where he mentored one person; me.”

"”In 2004 I started a writing campaign about bullying and the pain the bullied suffer in their lives. I hand wrote and mailed three letters a day, seven days a week for six years (over 6,500 total), to anyone who had influence--from politicians to teachers to educational organization leaders and city officials. Over the years I've watched America wake from its slumber on the issue of bullying. My free report is the next step in moving from awareness to action,” he adds.

The free ‘Bully Proof’ report, along with his powerful memoir ‘Painful Secrets’, are hailed by many as a vital addition to today’s youth education infrastructure.

To find out more about Hutchinson, his work and to download ‘Bully Proof’ today, visit: http://www.thebullydoctor.org

About Tim Hutchinson
Tim Hutchinson is an active advocate and champion for anti-bullying and teen violence prevention. He also cofounded a non-profit organization that sends much-needed supplies to the people in Zambia, Africa. Hutchinson has been married for over 20 years to his soul-mate and together they have four children; one of whom is the youngest person in America to be awarded the Medal of Valor.