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Aloha Construction & Remodeling Is Now Available for All Roofing Needs During Winter Months


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- The winter is in full swing, but residents don’t have to wait till spring to repair their roof. Aloha Construction & Remodeling, roofing contractors in Newtown, are now available for all roofing needs during the rest of the winter months. The cold temperatures create conditions that make a roof more likely to leak. Acting as if the moisture will disappear on its own can lead to further damage to the siding and interior in the area of the leak. The cause of the leaks is usually due to a defect that wasn’t showing itself because some kind of caulk was applied that has now deteriorated. Cold temperatures cause roofing materials to contract opening up gaps that allow for water to enter the interior causing leaks as well as structural damage. Another big problem that can spawn from a leak separate from structural damage is the growth of black mold.

Many kinds of roofing repairs can be performed in any type of any type of weather. Depending on the type of roof a person chooses, they may not even have to wait until spring to do a total roof replacement. For example, minor repairs such as faulty flashings, repairing chimneys, and fixing gutters are all possible in cold weather. Also asphalt, slate, and wood shingles can be replaced without any problems in cold temperatures. On the other hand, with replacing rubber and flat roofs a person will have to wait until spring. Therefore, contact Aloha Construction & Remodeling today for any roof repair services in Newtown during the winter months, as they don’t scare them at all.

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