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Aloha Construction & Remodeling Is Now Available for Roof Preparations for Winter 2013


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2013 -- The winter months can wreak havoc on homes and businesses, especially on their roofs. It is a necessity to make sure that the roof that protects the home or business is in good shape and can withstand all that the winter months can throw at it. Aloha Construction & Remodeling is now available for roof preparations for winter 2013, as well as fixing any existing problem areas.

There are some things that the owners of the property can do to inspect the condition of their roof, here are a few:

- Leaks in the attic appears when roof is not properly sealed and need immediate repair

- Ventilation and Insulation if working correctly prevents snow accumulation, ice buildup on the roof, and keep your energy bill low

- Flashings. Flashing is the material installed between your roof and any wall, such as the wall of a chimney. If cracked it should always be replaced as it could allow leaks.

- Gutters, if clogged, may cause leaks inside of the house and seriously damage roofing materials

- Check the roof for cracked and missing shingles. Pay particular attention to corners and angled section.

- Be sure that there are no large branches and limbs on the roof that may put unnecessary pressure on the roof structure and block water form draining properly.

Aloha Construction & Remodeling is always available to assist with anyone’s contracting needs. If a person finds that they are unable to handle on their own they should contact Aloha Construction & Remodeling today so that they can assist.

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