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Aloha Elixir Goes Online and Launches Its Own Etsy Store


Honolulu, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2015 -- Lighting candles to set intentions has always been in vogue as there are many people that believe in its uses and benefits. Aloha Elixir helps facilitate the intentions into their candles therefore providing specific energies needed to help aid the specific objective. Aloha Elixir uses Mantras, Crystal essences, essential oils and herbs in each intention candle.

Aloha Elixir is one of the top end Hawaii brands that has managed to do a great job. They have twelve naturally scented soy intention candles and now they have decided to further expand their business. The firm has launched its own Etsy store and so they have started their online business to further expand the reach of their great product. Aloha Elixir chose to be on the Etsy platform to be amongst their peers of handcrafted artisan products.

With a new Etsy store, the company is confident that they are all set to gain much better business revenue. So far, the profits they have managed to earn and the kind of success record which they have made has given them the impetus to chase their dreams further.

Keoki Tavares, the CEO of the company was quoted as saying, "We are the only brand of intention candles that offers a FULL line of highly specialized tools to help people direct their focus and manifest their intentions. We have managed to impress people with our top products that have yielded results and so we want to target a larger client base."

An Etsy store is one of the ideal ways of venturing in the online sales as the genre of products is suited to Etsy. Etsy mainly specializes in such unique products.

No doubt, they are very positive about their decision and can't wait to share their innovative line of Hawaiin products. Those who are willing to know more about the company or even those who want to place an order for the best soy intention candles can visit

Their Etsy shop can be found

There are twelve different types of candles that can be found at the store and one should check out the descriptions to learn more about each individual intention candle.

About Aloha Elixir
It is one of the top Hawaiian brands that is known for its excellent reputation in the field of soy intention candles. Powered by mantras they make use of crystal essences, essential oils and the best herbs which can aid in offering the right energy and help facilitate positive change.

Contact Information:
Contact Person: Keoki Tavares
Contact Number: 808-312-1575