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Alonso Perez Discusses Homeowners Insurance Basics

Alonso Perez Law encourages South Florida homeowners to take the time and fully understand what their property insurance coverage may and may not cover, especially with storms like the recent Hurricane Gordon coming close to Florida.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2018 -- There are important distinctions between coverage homeowners should be familiar with. Should water enter a home, there is a possibility a standard policy may not cover water damages as that typically requires having flood insurance. However, if a scenario occurs such as a tree falling onto the roof hard enough that it allows rain to come into the home, it is possible that damage would be covered under a standard policy. Homeowners may also wish to consider the amount of coverage they require and how low of a deductible they can manage if an emergency were to happen.

It pays to shop around for homeowners insurance. Newer companies are promoting a type of insurance dubbed "parametric" coverage which uses current mapping technology to determine what storm conditions have the greatest likelihood of affecting the area where a home is located. These companies will then pay homeowners a flat amount, essentially getting rid of the typical process where an adjuster is sent to measure the damage before the insurer will pay the homeowner.

Homeowners are strongly advised not to wait until the last minute to obtain insurance. Legally, insurance companies can wait until after a storm has passed before they will resume with issuing policies if the storm is already close to making landfall.

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