Alovi Introduces Pineapple Flavor Aloe Vera Juice in the Health Drink Market

Alovi Aloe Vera beverage introduces pineapple flavor Aloe Vera juice that is fast becoming a popular choice among the consumers who prefer health drinks.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2017 -- People often enjoy eating pineapple and when pulp of this tasty fruit is added to the Aloe Vera juice, an exciting beverage is discovered. This beverage offers sweetness and taste of pineapple, while it is also packed with essential nutrients that Aloe Vera is known to provide for our body. Alovi is now offering this new flavorful Aloe Vera beverage to customers around the world.

With their new discovery of the alovi aloe vera beverage, the company is influencing the beverage choices of the modern consumer. People love the flavorful Aloe Vera juice that is tasty and also provides them with the freshness and energy they require. The juice is a natural and organic beverage and there are no preservatives or chemicals used in preparing it. People who are fed up of carbonated drinks can now pick from several flavors of the Aloe Vera juice, including pineapple flavor, coconut flavor, strawberry flavor, pomegranate flavor and others.

According to the spokesperson of the Aloe Vera juice company, the pineapple flavor aloe vera juice is fast becoming popular among people of all ages and also among children. Everyone loves pineapple and fresh pulps of the fruit in the juice make it tastier and healthier. Pineapple has own set of benefits and now it combines with the health benefits of Aloe Vera. Available in a pack of 1.5l, the juice contains six servings of 240ml each, and can supply people with the required energy when they drink it each time.

The spokesperson reveals that the Aloe Vera drink is 100% fat free and one can consume it at any time. It has a limited amount of sugar for taste and contains vitamins and other essential nutrients. One can relish on its tastes and can rest assured of the organic nature of the juice. There are no traces of chemicals or preservatives, which make it safer and healthier for the human population.

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About Alovi
ALOVI is one of the best Aloe Vera drink suppliers in the world market. The company focuses on producing the best quality of beverages for their customers. Besides, they also pay more attention to protect the environment. They use the environment-friendly bottles filled with the drinks. And also, they recycle the water after making the beverages. In addition, they never add any preservatives or use any Aloe Vera powder, and keep their products 100% natural and organic.

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