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Alpha Brain, First Fully Balanced Mental Health Supplement, Now Offered by eXplicitSupplements.com


Buffalo, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2014 -- eXplicit Supplements, an online retailer dedicated in providing numerous popular and reputed supplements for mental health, muscle growth, fat burn, recovery and many other purposes, has recently announced that they have added the first ever fully balanced cognitive enhancing supplement Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs to their inventory.

Focused on offering only those supplements that have received positive feedback from customers and professional health critics, eXplicit Supplements has regarded Alpha Brain as one of the best mental health supplements available today mainly due to its comprehensive composition of combining 9 effective natural compounds.

Nootropics have recently caught the attention of many individuals who are seeking natural ways of enhancing their mental functions such as intelligence, concentration, memory, cognition and motivation. Many products have successfully emerged in the industry with a positive response from customers who have stated that they have experienced improvement in certain mental functions by consistently consuming such supplements.

However most mental health supplements either concentrate on one or two functions only or are not highly effective. Onnit Labs was the first to come up with a comprehensive solution to improving the overall mental health and their Alpha Brain has quickly become popular especially amongst the young adults.

The company informed that their innovative nootropic has helped improve certain mental skills such as creativity, writing, strategy, testing, memory and even increasing the chances of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is actually a side effect of Alpha Brain but has become now become a prime reason why individuals want to try the supplement.

With positive customer response and acceptance of the supplement due to its natural ingredients, Alpha Brain has opened up a new category in the mental health industry and has already set a high benchmark for a complete and balanced nootropic.

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