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Alpha Consumer Financing Solutions Expands Range of Businesses Served by Customer Financing

Alpha Consumer Financing Solutions has extended their financing solutions beyond retail into medical, construction, travel and automotive services, to make 2016 their biggest year ever.


Roswell, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2016 -- Consumer financing allows businesses to land sales via customers that cannot afford to pay the full amount up front, thereby increasing their business sales considerably. However, doing so without the proper infrastructure means taking on considerable risk. Consumer Financing Solutions takes on that risk on behalf of their business clients, so businesses of all sizes can offer financing while being guaranteed the full agreed payment. Lloyd and Michael Katz of Alpha Consumer Financing Solutions want to make 2016 one of the most profitable years for businesses, by providing consumer financing for customers while guaranteeing no risk to the business itself.

Using Customer Financing Solutions enables businesses to increase their sales while taking none of the risk of a credit agreement- Customer Financing Solutions takes full responsibility for recouping the money on behalf of the businesses they serve.

Individuals can call Lloyd today to arrange an initial consultation, or visit the website for text and video resources on how the process works and how it can secure a more prosperous future for businesses. The expansion means that any business or industry requiring upfront payment can now offer credit agreements from the company, no matter what they are providing to the customer.

Lloyd at Alpha Customer Financing Solutions explained, "Whether it's a holiday, a surgery or a house extension, everything needs paying for and few people in today's economy can pay for such big ticket items in cash up front. As a result, credit agreements are the very best way for business owners, no matter what industry, to secure more customers. Best of all, our agreements are free from financial risk, which we take on to guarantee our customers ultimate peace of mind. We are excited about expanding our credit services into new areas, and look forward to the biggest year so far in 2016 both for us and for our clients."

About Alpha Consumer Financing Solutions
Alpha Consumer Financing Solutions was founded by Lloyd and Michael Katz. Lloyd has been in the Consumer Financing business for over 30 years, and has the knowledge and resources to help all businesses offer a superior credit service for customers while taking the responsibility for recouping that money on behalf of businesses, meaning businesses can offer greater service at no risk.

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