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Alpha Methyl Styrene Market Emerging Trends and New Growth Opportunities 2026


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2019 -- Global Alpha Methyl Styrene Market: An Overview

Alpha Methyl Styrene market is growing at a healthy rate. The market is expected to register robust growth during the forecast period. The Alpha Methy Styrene market is expected to be driven by growing demand for ABS resin, growing applications in chemical industry and, expected growth from developing markets globally.

Alpha Methyl Styrene is also known as Isopropenyl benzene. It is an inorganic compound, often colorless and emits a sharp odor. The chemical is derived through an oxidization process of cumene. Phenol and cumene are key solutions in the manufacturing of Alpha Methyl Styrene. Hence, the alpha methyl styrene market price has close ties with the global phenol supply.

Alpha methyl styrene has a wide range of applications. The applications also vary significantly from each other and the end-industries include adhesives, chemicals, plastics, etc. The chemical is also widely used in perfumes, lubricating oils, plasticizers, etc.

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An upcoming Transparency Market Research report sheds light on the current and future trends of the global alpha methyl styrene market. It provides details on the market's overview, current trends and challenges, opportunities in the coming years, and growth forecasts for 2018-2026. These insights are crucial for both prevailing and upcoming players in the global alpha methyl styrene market.

Alpha Methyl Styrene Market: Key Trends

Global alpha methyl styrene continues to show promise, largely driven by its increased use in automotive and protective gear manufacturing applications. Some advancements during the forecast period, including increase in the involvement of dehydrogenation in FSU. Additionally, increasing demand for ABS resin, its largest end-application is expected to drive growth for the global alpha methyl styrene market.

The alpha methyl styrene market also faces certain challenges during the forecast period. Sluggish economic growth in major markets is expected to hinder expansion of the market. The alpha methyl styrene market will also be restrained by its lack of compatibility with prime oxidizing agents including copper, alkaline pesticides and, mercury. The chemical can also cause harmful health effects such as skin, eyes and throat irritation.

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On the other hand, the alpha methyl styrene market is expected to find new opportunities related to coatings and paints. The alpha methyl styrene can grow as the more low molecular weighted, coatings, plasticizers, waxes and adhesives are in demand. Additionally, the adhesives market is witnessing a healthy growth, further boosting the prospects of the alpha methyl styrene market. The chemicals can also add substantial value to paint coatings, which require more adhesive property and viscosity.