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Alpha Omega Family Services Now Serves the State of Maryland

Living Trust Educator Expands Seminars into the Old Line State


Franklin, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2016 -- When we lose a loved one, oftentimes it is said that the family wishes to celebrate the life they lived. Establishing this positive tone at such a sorrowful moment can be remarkably uplifting for grieving family members and friends. The simple fact of the matter is that death is inevitable, and the time we do have with one another is special, valuable, and should not be trifled with. Preparing one's family for life after your own passing may not be the most glee-inducing conversation, but one company is doing their best to help people understand the need for planning. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Alpha Omega Family Services has been educating American citizens for two decades about the distinction between a trust and a will, invaluable information regarding estate planning, and even the necessities to preserving a legacy. They recently announced their plan to extend their seminar circuit to Maryland, their 6th state after Arizona, California, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

In 1996, Alpha Omega Family Services opened their doors, spreading knowledge of trusts, wills, and estate planning to all who would listen. Currently they host 100+ free educational seminars per month across a 6-state area. Ultimately the company aims to minimize the burden placed on families and enable them to put an easy, affordable plan in place for spouses, children, and other beneficiaries. Alpha Omega is effectively helping to ease the fears and concerns of those who are uninformed, and their latest move to Maryland is done with the intention of reaching an even bigger audience.

Gene Adams is the owner and founder of Alpha Omega Family Services. He founded the organization with a desire to help people maintain control of their assets and pass them efficiently along to their heirs without court interference or costly attorney fees that are associated with the probate process. He reflected on his company, saying "As people are educated in solid estate planning, wealth/asset transfer concepts, and planned charitable giving strategies, they are able to make better decisions that will minimize the burden on their families, minimize tax consequences, ensure inheritances are better managed by their heirs, and pass meaningful gifts to their local churches and other charitable organizations."

About Alpha Omega Family Services
Alpha Omega Family Services began in 1996 with the goal of educating America. Each month, they host over 100 free educational seminars across a 6-state area. They proudly represent AmeriEstate Legal Plan, Inc. in Arizona, California, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Maryland. These seminars feature knowledgeable presenters who cut through the legalese and present information in clear, everyday language to communicate complex concepts.