Alpha Omega Family Services

Alpha Omega Family Services Visits Stockton, Modesto, CA and Baltimore, MD Areas

Living Trust Specialists Seeks to Educate Families and Individuals in California, Maryland, and Beyond


Franklin, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2016 -- Perhaps the most painful thing one person can go through in their lifetime is the passing of a close loved one. The hours, days, and weeks that follow are a critical time for healing, comfort, and the finding of oneself. Although modern medicine has made tremendous advancements in recent years, there are still many sudden deaths and illnesses that cause them. Preparing for the passing of one's family may not be on the radar of many Americans, as it is not typically a joy-inducing activity. It is however, extremely important, and the consequences of not being prepared can have profound negative ramifications for all involved. For this reason, Alpha Omega Family Services has spent the last two decades educating the American public about the significance of a trust, and the difference between it and a will. They recently visited Stockton, and Modesto in California, and the Baltimore, Maryland area on the east coast, in an effort to impart valuable wisdom on estate planning and the necessities of preserving a legacy.

Alpha Omega Family Services hosts 100+ free educational seminars per month across a 6-state area. They do so in an attempt to minimize the burden put on families and enable them to create an easy, affordable plan for their spouses, children, and other beneficiaries. The seminars focus on spreading knowledge of trusts, wills, and estate planning. In essence, the team at Alpha Omega intends on easing the fears and concerns of the uninformed. Their latest seminars in California and Maryland were performed to do just that.

Owner and founder of Alpha Omega Gene Adams commented on the recent seminars, saying "We are building the foundation to a better future for families everywhere, beginning with a comprehensive Estate Plan, that will help with the managing of inheritances, the assigning Powers of Attorney, and so much more." He went on to say "Each of our seminars is free to the public, and helps us to create a safe space for concerned citizens to stop by and gain some practical knowledge for the road ahead.

About Alpha Omega Family Services
Alpha Omega Family Services began in 1996 with the goal of educating America. Each month, they host over 100 free educational seminars across a 6-state area. They proudly represent AmeriEstate Legal Plan, Inc. in Arizona, California, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Maryland. These seminars feature knowledgeable presenters who cut through the legalese and present information in clear, everyday language to communicate complex concepts.